DitCoin is the First Business Driven CryptoCurrency based on Asset and Community Building .

DitCoin is not yet another Coin in the Crypto Family / World...

A Coin that Can be Traded and used Globally, DitCoin is a coin that can guarantee 100% Untraceable Transactions, Good for Privacy, Yet with the Lowest Fees for smooth B2B and P2P transactions! ...Bringing the CryptoCurrency Closer to the Real Life Needs and Use!

DitCoin Project

Unique Approach

We took a very different approach, because there are so many altcoin out there, to stand out we need to be outstanding..!

Business Driven

How would you feel if you can work in any shop around, either online or offline and spend your cryptocurrencies instantly..?

Untraceable Coin

Privacy and Decentralization has been the backbone of CryptoCurrencies, but most altcoin are not as untraceable as DitCoin..!


DitCoin Modules

DitPay Module

World's first CryptoCurrency Powered e-commerce & Payment Processor, all connected to offer the best expansion of CryptoCurrency on the Global scale...


DitCoin provides a platform that will empower the way e-commerce and cryptocurrency work, enabling a smooth process of transactions with higher level of privacy. This module will be beneficial for both buyers and sellers.

Payment Processor

To better facilitate DitCoin integration to other e-commerce Platform and the way CryptoCurrencies are used, DitPay will be a sort of Bridge between CryptoCurrency Integration and DitCoin usability. This Module will futher enhance the Value of DitCoin

Payment Processor
P2P Services & Enhanced Privacy

Peer-to-peer Exchange is one of the hottest trends currently happening in the cryptocurrency industry. Using DitCoin for P2P Exchange service, guarantees insanely fast and secured deals, It can also be considered as a Flexible, Private, and a simple way to transfer money to others around the World...

P2P Exchange

An easier approach towards expanding the usability of DitCoin, being our First Priority!

Enhanced Privacy

Developed with Privacy as the Primary concern, DitCoin Transactions are much cost efficient and time saving, while remaining untraceable to gurantee your Privacy. You can have Less concern about Security and Privacy while you make use of DitCoin.

DitCoin Wallet & DTC Cards.

Fully feature rich web wallet with security enabled in it. You can also use DitCoin web wallet for occasional commercial/non-commercial transactions, like collecting donations, rent, bills or accepting payments for such services. Your DTC card linked to your Wallets can be virtual or physical...

DTC web/Mobile Wallets

Fully Security enabled and Features Rich wallet. you can also use DitCoin wallets to accept Payment through other CryptoCurrencies, like Bitcoin, Monero, Spend it any time for rent, bills or Simply cashout through DitCoin Virtual or Physical Cards...

DTC cards

DitCoin Cards is one of the coolest features of DitCoin Core Products because it will enable you to plug into More than 7 CryptoCurrencies for instant Cashout at the best Exchange Rates with our integrated CCE module...


Get It Now

DitCoin provides you mobile Wallet, WebWallet and Windows Wallet, including iOS wallet for smart and fast processing of payments which provides you the flexibility and convenience to use your funds through ATM cash withdrawal anywhere in the world... You can Download now!


Find the answers to your common questions. For further help, contact DitCoin support.

  • What is ICO?
    Initial coin offering (ICO) is an one type of crowdfunding via use of cryptocurrency, It's a secured and transparent mechanism which allows DitCoin to issue digital shares (COIN) in exchange for investments.
  • What's DitCoin ICO Period and Wallet Release Date?
    The ICO launches on 07 November 2017 12:00 PM UTC ends on November 25 2017 12:00 AM UTC. DitCoin wallets and Mining script will be released the 1st of December 2017.
  • Where can I learn more about DitCoin Project?
    To learn more about DitCoin project, you can read whitepaper on the website or ask us directly on our support channels through:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DitCoin
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/dit_coin 
    Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/Fdzde0MvuaFoVmGzdShfYQ 
    BitCoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.com
    GitHub: https://www.github.com/ditcoin
  • How to Get DitCoin?
    The purchase of DitCoin will be available on our Official ICO Page only https://ico.ditcoin.io in ICO dashboard using payment methods: BTC, XMR (Monero) and Ethereum.
  • What is the Expected Value of DitCoin?
    For the ICO, the price of 1 DTC is 0.95 USD. The total amount of DTC used into project during the project development, funding, media coverage through development of whole project and dividend expectancies (Mainly through Local Assets Building & Partnership) will be main form factors for DTC exchange rates, once it is listed at cryptocurrency exchanges after ICO. We are speculating the Price of 1 DTC to reach 15.00 USD before The end of the First Quarter of 2018.
  • What's the Minimum Amount to Participate in DitCoin ICO?
    During the ICO minimum purchase amount is 50.00 USD.
  • How do i Know my DTC purchase is secured?.
    To secure your tokens in DTC wallet, we encourage you to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) in your account. Once ICO is over, every user can send DTC tokens to private DTC wallets or cryptocurrency exchanges where DTC is listed.
  • Can i purchase DTC in fractions?.
    Each DitCoin (DTC) token can be split down up to 8 decimal points. The 0.0000001 DTC is the smallest fraction.
  • How many DTC are available during this ICO?.
    Based on the research of future markets, we have estimated the maximum amount of funds we would accept. In order to raise the fund for developments, R&D operations the maximum amount of 9 Million DTC token is available in ICO.
  • How can i use DTC after the ICO?.
    After the ICO, DitCoin (DTC) will be listed on cryptocurrency trading platforms. Each DTC token holder can use their DitCoin for trading as well as transfer it to other users.
    As part of our development roadmap, DitCoin will be usable in Payment Gateway, Invoicing, Corporate Business tools and as a cryptocurrency in more than thousands of services.

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